Fireside Chat

BaaS or BS? Separating Hype From Value in Embedded Finance

A frequently—and seismically—shifting economic backdrop has virtually every company scrambling to balance long-term growth and short-term profitability.

Banking as a service (BaaS), or embedded finance, is a powerful way to find that balance. But, while the BaaS landscape shows a lot of promise, it can also be confusing—maybe even scary. How exactly does BaaS create and support growth at scale? And how do you pick the right infrastructure provider? Or the right strategy?

You can start by listening to our fireside chat between embedded finance and debit card experts from Helix by Q2 and Visa DPS.

In this fireside chat between embedded finance and debit card pros from Helix by Q2 and Visa DPS, you’ll learn:

  • Where to focus your embedded finance efforts in the emerging economic environment
  • How to navigate vendor evaluation for key areas like compliance, tech stack, technical and organizational scale, and more
  • Tips to help shape and optimize the economic model of your embedded finance strategy


Ahon Sarkar
GM of Helix

Chris Truelson
Vice President, Head of DPS Global Strategy


Sam Kilmer
Managing Director, Cornerstone Advisors