Betterment embedded a PFM solution using Helix and Microsoft to make saving and investing easier for consumers

Here’s the core challenge: Betterment needed to host bank accounts in the cloud to remove their reliance on server farms and launch a personalized product. As a platform purpose-built for embedded finance, Helix exceeded Betterment’s requirements, offering a robust feature set, modern APIs, and ongoing expert support.

Since implementation, Betterment has raised Series F funding, gained 150 new employees in 2021, and extended its strategic capabilities.

Take their word for it

“Helix by Q2 has been a great partner, not just in the build and deployment of our banking product, but in helping us to create the right environment for customers and talent alike. The solution was focused on embedding a high level of service across all the capabilities that a modern banking system needs.”

John Mileham

CTO · Betterment

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