Singular source of truth for singularly better experiences

Helix Admin is the single source of truth to manage your program. When your employees and partner bank all work from the same information—updated in real-time—collaboration and customer service flourish.

Better collaboration and support

We’ve reimagined the once-a-day, flat-file data uploads of traditional BaaS providers, which stall collaboration, heighten risk, and leave user issues unresolved.

Helix Admin operates in real-time, so handoffs are seamless, and decisions are made with context-rich data. For users, that means support teams are empowered to get to the heart of problems and quickly find resolution.

Better for employees and partners

Elevate collaboration

Improve synergy across internal and bank teams with access to shared information through one, real-time console.

Get answers quickly

Escalate regulatory issues directly to your partner bank for resolution.

Optimize efficiency

Access customized data controls, exception monitoring, and automated reconciliations—all in one place—for streamlined operations.

Helix Admin

Better for users

Improve every interaction

Deliver customer support that delights with seamless handoff between you and your partner bank.

Solve problems in real-time

With rich, real-time context and powerful controls, empower customer service agents to resolve problems—even raise card limits—instantly.

Protect users

Use robust fraud analysis to keep your users secure without hurdles.

FEATURE Highlight

User permission

Simple user permissions management ensures collaboration is always frictionless and secure.

Granular permissions let you easily set up controlled access for functions you outsource to your partner bank and other partners. Customize based on the nature of your partnerships.


The power behind the Helix Admin Console

Multi-Tenant Application

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Manage one program across multiple banks or manage multiple programs with one bank. It only takes our one multi-tenant application to meet all your needs.

Real-Time Data

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With real-time data and a real-time core, your support team always has the information it needs for First Contact Resolution.

Program Management Tools

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Configure daily or monthly deposit and withdrawal limits (by user or account), activate features, and customize accounts from the Admin console.

Centralized Customer Support

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Access all user data and tools to control fraud, add features, and provide real-time support from one place.

Custom Data Security

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Enable and restrict data controls for internal and partner bank employees, by user, allowing for secure third-party management.

Reconciliation and Payment Monitoring

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Apply all user data and tools to control fraud, add features, and provide real-time support.

Review Queues

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Screen for potential risk factors related to KYC onboarding, name and address changes, external account additions, and other processes not resolved during automated review.

Robust Risk and Analytics Tools

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Leverage integrations with VISA DPS back-office applications for fraud and risk analysis, plus view all risk scoring details and more, at the card level.

Helix makes managing
embedded banking simple