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  1. Save Now, Buy Later (SNBL): The New Buying (and Saving) Experience for These Economic Times

    What's SNBL?

    Amid inflationary pressure, is BNPL now tone-deaf? For accelerated, goal-based saving with big, built-in incentives, SNBL is the next, right note—for people and businesses.

    Ahon Sarkar

    GM, Helix

  2. AI Is Coming to Embedded Finance, Here’s What Fintechs and Brands Should Know

    Generative AI in Embedded Finance

    It’s become impossible to ignore the buzz around the power of ChatGPT, and it’s why generative AI is coming to embedded finance. Are you ready? Start by understanding what the generative AI revolution—and specifically ChatGPT—means for financial services.

    Eric Rhea

    Principal Engineer, Helix

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