Accounts and Onboarding

Banking basics for experiences far from ordinary

With user controls, Helix’s feature-rich account products—for spending, saving, and managing money—transform everyday banking into loyalty-building personalized experiences. Always PCI-compliant and FDIC-insured.

Reimagine Banking

The building blocks

Start here to create personalized experiences users can’t get anywhere else.

DDA Accounts

Increase brand value with the embedded, full features of a secure checking account with debit card.

  • Individual and joint accounts
  • Digital wallets
  • Business accounts
  • HSA accounts

Savings Accounts

Tailor savings accounts for what matters to people, with functions that makes it easy to save for purchases, build security, and achieve goals.

  • Individual, couples, and family savings accounts
  • Goal-based savings accounts
  • High-yield savings accounts
  • Emergency savings accounts

Minor Accounts

Offer minor accounts owned by parent or guardian—with no KYC for child—to provide tools for good financial habits through hands-on spending and budgeting.

  • Family savings accounts
  • Checking accounts
  • Allowance management accounts

FBO Accounts

Open FBO accounts with your partner bank without KYC requirements. Personalize experiences through our unified ledger to mitigate risk.

  • Escrow accounts
  • Custodial accounts

CD Accounts

Use certificates of deposit accounts to create stickiness and help users build wealth.

  • Individual and joint accounts
  • Long-term savings accounts
  • Rainy-day fund accounts

    Business Accounts

    Expand relationships with customers who own businesses. Offer unique experiences for creators, social media influencers, entrepreneurs, SMBs, even trusts and non-profits.

    • Business checking accounts
    • Business savings accounts
    • Business CD accounts
    • FBO accounts
    Feature highlights

    Beyond basic

    Solve problems, build loyalty, and grow revenue with features beyond basic.

    Early direct deposit

    Get customers their direct deposit or tax refunds two days earlier than anyone else.

    Personalized accounts

    Customize ACH transactional controls and personalize overdraft to enhance experience while controlling risk.

    Unlimited accounts

    We charge by user, not account, so you can offer unlimited accounts to support limitless financial goals, while scaling efficiently.

    Statements and tax

    Statements and tax documents are auto-generated and sent digitally, making it easy for users and saving you money.

    Plus full-featured functionality across all account types

    Access to thousands of no-fee ATMs

    Mobile check deposits

    Direct deposit

    ACH, check, wire, and P2P funding options

    Joint account options

    View-only options for non-account holders

    Real-time notifications for activity

    Real routing account numbers


    Better experiences.
    Starting with the first experience.

    Customized onboarding

    • Custom registration workflows tailored to your users
    • Pre-built integrations with KYC and KYB service providers
    • No difficult out-of-wallet, knowledge-based authentication
    • More auto-approvals and less fraud
    Customized onboarding screenshot
    Personalized controls screenshot

    Personalized controls

    • Control spending on users’ terms—from transaction type to merchant to device to geography—to achieve unlimited goals
    • Limit spending authorization at program level to control fraud
    • Use behavior data to incrementally expand functionality and design new products that solve more problems, keep users engaged

    This is how human-centric finance works.

    Unified, real-time ledger

    Our real-time, unified ledger is your single source of truth, eliminating the pain—and regulatory risk—of disparate systems and once-a-day batch processing.

    Employees, partner banks, and regulators always have access to the data they need.

    Unified, real-time ledger screenshot

    Ready to delight all customers with personalized accounts?